Aitken, Dr. Kathryn (Katie)
Instructor/Coordinator, Environmental and Conservation Sciences Program
Anderson, Alison
Instructor/Coordinator, Water and Wastewater Operator Program
Biggin-Pound, Stephen
Instructor, Academic Skill Development
Bradbury, Catherine
Chair, School of Health, Education and Human Services
Calmels, Dr. Fabrice
Research Chair, Permafrost and Geoscience
Castillo, Dr. Victoria
Instructor/Coordinator, Heritage and Culture Certificate
Cubley, Dr. Joel
Instructor/Coordinator, Earth Sciences
Desmau, Morgane
Post Doctoral Fellow, YukonU Research Centre
Ellis, Gabriel
Instructor/Coordinator, Adult Basic English
Jonathan Gelinas
Instructor, Multimedia Communication
Gilbert, Dr. Scott
Instructor, Renewable Resources Management
Giles, Patrick
Research Assistant, Northern Energy Innovation
Goncalves, Aline
Information Literacy/Reference Librarian
Graham, Amanda
Chair, School of Liberal Arts
Grandy, Colleen
Instructor, Teaching and Learning
Guthrie, Alessia
Innovation Officer, Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Hancock, Dr. Bronwyn
Vice-Provost, Academic and Research
Hehemann, Nora
Metadata/Systems Librarian
Horton, Brian
Manager, Climate Change Research
Hosein-Jacob, Alissa
Instructor, Office Administration
Jennejohn, Dana
Instructor, Bachelor of Social Work
Joe-Strack, Daqualama Jocelyn
Research Chair, Indigenous Knowledge
Kanary, Dr. Lisa
Instructor, Business Administration
Kennedy, Kevin
Instructor/Coordinator – Whitehorse Correctional Centre
Klein, Dr. Rhiannon
Chair and Instructor, Indigenous Governance Degree
Langbakk, Brent
Chair, Instructor
Laurent, Cyrielle
GIS Technician
Leach, Dr. Michelle
Scientific Director, SPOR Support Unit SPOR
Lewis, Joanne
Executive Director, Northern Institute of Social Justice
Lyness, Dr. Drew
Instructor, English
Madsen, Polly
Instructor, Targeted Initiative for Older Workers
Maxwell, Jane
Instructor, Teaching & Learning
McLeod, Deanna
Managing Editor, The Northern Review
McPhee-Knowles, Dr. Sara
Instructor, Bachelor of Business Administration
Moorlag, Jennifer
Instructor, Business Administration
Morgan, Chad
Instructor, Earth Sciences
Mossop, Dave
Biology Instructor, Professor Emeritus
Nielsen, Dr. Guillaume
NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Northern Mine Remediation
O’Grady, Aubyn
Program Director, Yukon School of Visual Arts (SOVA)
Perrin, Alison
Senior Research Professional, Northern Adaptation and Resilience
David Petkovich
Instructor, Environmental Monitoring Program
Prokopchuk, Dr. Ernie
Interim Dean, Applied Science and Management
Pugh, Rachel
Research Project Coordinator, Climate Change Research
Richardson, Dr. Andrew
Dean, Faculty of Applied Arts
Roebuck, Andrew
Instructor, Psychology
Ross, Dr. Michael
Industrial Research Chair in Northern Energy Innovation
Rowles, Dr. Shelagh
Executive Director, Centre for Northern Innovation in Mining
Roy, Louis-Philippe
Research Professional, Hydrology
Saal, Stephanie
Research Professional, Northern Hydrology and Climate Change
Samolczyk, Mary
Instructor, Earth Sciences
Semple, Jaclyn
Instructor, Math and Physics
Shareef, Dr. Shawkat
Instructor, Sociology
Skarnulis, Megan
Instructor/Coordinator, Student Success
Smith, Dr. Liris
Research Chair, Health Research, SPOR Support Unit
Stehelin, Dr. Tara
Instructor, Biology; Coordinator, Renewable Resources Management Program
Turcotte, Dr. Benoit
Senior Research Professional, Hydrological Processes
Kessel, Janna van
Instructor/Coordinator, Academic Support Centre
Walker, Dr. Valoree
Research Ethics Coordinator
Yap, Derek
Manager, Library and Technology Services, Innovation Commons
Zrum, Jason
Research Analyst, Northern Energy Innovation