Hello, I’m a geoscience instructor in the Earth Sciences program at Yukon University and an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Earth, Energy, and Environment at the University of Calgary. The Earth Sciences program provides an opportunity to discover the processes and history of our planet preserved in the rocks under your feet! This program is jointly administered by the School of Science and the Centre for Northern Innovation in Mining. As an instructor and research scientist, I’m passionate about learning and teaching. I currently teach first and second year courses including, Historical Geology (GEOL 106), Sedimentology and Stratigraphy (GEOL 206), and Introduction to Mineral Exploration and Mining (GEOL 112).

I’m a stratigraphic palaeontologist and specialist on Cambrian trilobite biostratigraphy and carbonate sedimentology. My research includes projects on the Stephen Formation in the southern Canadian Rocky Mountains and Mount Cap Formation in the subsurface of the Northwest Territories. The Stephen Formation is the lateral equivalent of the world-famous Burgess Shale Lagerstätten, which contains soft-bodied fossils from the Cambrian Explosion of life ~500 million years ago. I’m also a collaborating specialist working with the Geological Survey of Canada (Calgary) where I assist geologic research and mapping by providing relative-age control with northern trilobites from the subsurface of the Northwest Territories as well as trilobite collections from northern Yukon.

My research interests include biostratigraphy, invertebrate palaeontology, trilobite taxonomy, carbonate sedimentology, and ichnology (study of trace fossils). I completed my PhD at the Department of Geoscience, University of Calgary. Outside of the classroom I’m an enthusiastic naturalist, avid birdwatcher, and botany fan. I’m very excited to be a part of the Earth Sciences team at Yukon University and thrilled to help you learn and explore the natural world around us!