The Ecology of Headwaters in the Boreal Northwest (Weston Family Foundation) – ongoing

Forecasting river ice breakup for three Yukon communities (Government of Yukon) – ongoing

The Äshèyi Chu/ Aishihik River – River Ice Model (CIRNAC) – ongoing

Developing 3D profiles for major river systems of the Yukon (Government of Yukon) – ongoing

Climate risk mapping for Government of Yukon building assets

Understanding, simulating, and mitigating icing issues at stream crossings along the Dempster Highway and Silver Trail (NTCF) – ongoing

McIntyre Creek Hydrology (SAG) – ongoing

Bringing Research Home (CMN) – ongoing

Flooding in Dawson and Old Crow: Exposure analysis and risk reduction recommendations (NDMP, Community Services, and ArcticNET) – completed in 2022

Preliminary Assessment of Flood Exposure for future lot development in the Klondike River and Carmacks (NDMP, Community Services, and ArcticNET) – completed in 2022

Restoring the flooded Coffee Lake Community Hall access road to better address community trauma through revitalizing land-based healing – completed 2021

Climate impacts on Mayo and Aishihik River Hydrology (NSERC) – completed in 2020

Review of Climate Change Adaptation in the Canadian North – completed in 2019

Developing a tool for flood risk assessment in Yukon communities (NDMP) – completed in 2018

Evaluating climate change impacts on the upper Yukon River basin (NSERC and Yukon Energy) – completed in 2016