Stephanie’s research focuses on cold regions hydrology and remote sensing. Her recent work involves developing an algorithm for detecting river ice on a narrow river using satellite radar imagery, flood vulnerability mapping in two Yukon communities, assessing and mitigation hydrological issues along highways, and creating an online mapping tool in close collaboration with Kluane First Nation with regards to research in KFN traditional territory.

As an instructor for the GEOG101 lab, Stephanie brings applied scientific skills to students and bridges the gap between school and hands on research. She further supports student research assistants in gaining research experience at the YukonU Research Centre and supplies them with skills complementary to their studies, such as coding and remote sensing.

Stephanie holds a Master of Science in Mountain and Climate Geography from Karl-Franzens University in Austria, as well as a Certificate in Heritage and Culture from YukonU.

Outside of research, Stephanie leads the ice climbing program for the Alpine Club of Canada Yukon section. Any time of the year, you’ll find her mountaineering and adventuring. Her little husky Dublin accompanies her whenever possible.