I am a research assistant with the Climate Change Research group at the YukonU Research Centre, and focus on geographic information systems (GIS) and hydrology. I’ve worked with the YukonU Research Centre on community flood mapping, hydrologic modelling, and creation of online mapping tools. Prior to joining YukonU, I worked with the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium (PCIC) to prepare hydrometric data for use in the VIC model and to correct bias in precipitation data in the Fraser River Basin.  

My current work evolves around:

  • building an online mapping tool for the Bringing Research Home project. It aims to support Kluane Furst Nation in compiling historical & existing climate change research that has been conducted on KFN TT, develop tools & communication to make this research accessible for community members, and develop a process based on community input that will empower KFN to have greater control over research in KFN TT. 
  • providing technical support to support the Aishihik River Ice Modelling project. The goal is to develop a water level and ice condition model for the Aishihik River in a context of winter hydroelectric production.
  • teaching the laboratory component of the GEOG 101 and 102 courses. 

Outside of my research activities, I spend my time mountaineering. I also have a high interest in waste reduction and work towards a zero waste life style. And as a fun fact: I play roller derby under the name “Flying Pig”!