Librarian, Coffee Drinker, Union Activist

I like books, but I find I’m happiest when I am able to connect people to the right information at the right time. The conversations I have with people at the library help give me focus and inform my decisions on how to continuously improve the services we provide. I like computers, but I find I’m happiest when technology works for people and helps them connect, engage, build, and transform their learning.

I also take a strong interest libraries and technology in society and information policy. I’m interested in the areas of Copyright, Privacy and Access to Information, Free Speech, and Open Educational Resources.

“Coffee is life”.  I love coffee in all its forms, and have a sweet tooth.

I’m involved in the Public Service Alliance of Canada, with a focus on representing Racially Visible people in the workforce, although I am learning much about the experiences of other equity groups through my involvement with the National Human Rights Committee of the union. I am also currently Treasurer of the Yukon Employees Union, our local component, and am the Chief Shop Steward for the Yukon College Employees Union.

I am concerned also about psychological health and safety, and am currently on the OH&S Engagement Team at the University.

My post-secondary education was all completed at UBC: Bachelor of Music, 1993; Bachelor of Education, 1994; Masters of Library and Information Studies in 1999.