I am a GIS specialist with the Permafrost and Geoscience research program at the YukonU Research Centre (YRC).  I have a background in geography and a Master’s degree in Environmental planning from Laval University, Quebec. I currently have 15 years of experience in mapping and spatial analyses.

I started by mapping surficial deposits by photo interpretation as a student, producing several maps for communities in Nunavik (Quebec). After moving to Edmonton, I began my GIS career as a consultant working mainly with Indigenous communities on land claims, traditional land use studies, and various environmental projects. My work with the community of Jean Marie River (NWT) lead me to work on climate change and more specifically permafrost mapping. Over the years I developed a fondness for northern environments and an interest for the challenges faced by people living in the north. I moved to Whitehorse in 2014 and have been working at YukonU Research Centre since then.

At Permafrost and Geoscience we conduct applied research to help solve concrete issues and challenges. My job at YRC is dynamic and has changed from being very GIS and mapping focused to also encompass drone data collection and analysis as well as SharePoint database management. Currently, I handle database management in both GIS and SharePoint, map production at various scales, spatial analyses, data collection, as well as developing methodologies for collection and analyses.

I also have the chance to teach mapping and GIS at Yukon University School of Science, which gives me the possibility to interact with students and share my knowledge.