Alison Anderson is a professional engineer and certified water system operator. Alison has worked in product development, research and infrastructure and has managed the Yukon operations of an international engineering company. Alison’s specialities include design, construction management, commissioning and operations of northern water systems and other infrastructure. Alison is a Director of Engineers Canada and a member of the Engineers Yukon 30 by 30 Committee.

Before moving into their current role of Instructor/Coordinator of the Yukon Water and Wastewater Operator Program, Alison was Yukon College’s Technology Innovation Officer. In this role, they supported innovators and entrepreneurs in developing cold climate technologies. Through the Yukon Water and Wastewater operator Program, Alison instructs courses that enable water and wastewater operators to gain and maintain certification. These courses are delivered in on-line, in-person, and hybrid formats, with synchronous and asynchronous options, and include laboratory and field work.

In 2022, Alison led the creation of the Circuit Rider Training Program at Yukon University. This program works closely with the Yukon Water and Wastewater Operator Program to provide comprehensive training, support, and capacity building to all Yukon and Northern British Columbia First Nation water and wastewater operators through classroom, hands-on, and online delivery methods.

Alison was the 2018-19 Westcoast Women in Engineering, Science and Technology (WWEST) Associate Chair at Yukon College. WWEST is the operating name for the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Chair for Women in Science and Engineering (BC/Yukon Region).

Alison’s teaching and research interests include:

• Drinking water system design and operation in northern climates
• Equity, diversity, and inclusion as a means for driving innovation and advances in technical professional practice
• Skills transfer between operators and engineers through hands-on co-training

Alison enjoys an active life in Whitehorse with their husband, children and dogs.