B.Sc. 2001 (University of Victoria), specializing in marine biology and wildlife ecology

M. Sc. 2005 (University of Calgary), specializing in behavioral ecology of birds, especially pertaining to bird song in the avian group of birds known as the ‘suboscines’ or New World flycatchers

Ph.D. 2017 (University of Alberta), specializing in landscape ecology, migratory patterns, conservation and climate change impacts on migratory birds.

Instruction and Coordination

I have instructed biology courses, such as first year biology, second-year university-transfer biology, several field courses, and bio-statistics courses at Yukon College since 2009 and been the coordinator for the Renewable Resources Management Program since 2012.


I currently am investigating migratory patterns, full annual cycle ecology (over wintering area effects as well as breeding ground effects) on two species of bird that are particularly vulnerable to the potential impacts of climate change.  My research involves tagging and observing breeding birds, capturing insects to examine their food, and daily monitoring for breeding progress and behavioral changes.  I usually hire one field assistant (a Yukon College student) per summer, sometimes two to assist with this project.