Nora Hehemann is the Metadata / Systems Librarian at YukonU Library Services and joined the team in 2020. Her role includes setting up access to resources, liaising with university departments, supporting students during their learning journeys, and serving on University committees and councils. 

Previously she worked as a librarian for various departments at the Government of Yukon. Nora has experience working in college libraries, public libraries and special collections in Alberta and the Yukon. Professional activities include mentoring library school students and serving on various Yukon boards, including mountain biking, heritage and, recently, libraries.

Born and raised in Dawson Creek B.C., Nora fell in love with the seasons, the people and the mountains of the Yukon after trying out the big city life. Nora leans into the librarian stereotype; she loves reading and wearing cardigans and talking about metadata #cantbecontained.