Ross M, Abbey C, Bouffard F, Joós G. Microgrid Economic Dispatch with Energy Storage Systems. IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid. Submitted.

This paper presents a formulation to determine the appropriate power dispatch of an energy storage system, whose available energy is dependent on the charging/discharging pattern from previous time periods. The implementation structure is consistent with current dispatch algorithms used in microgrids, and the algorithm can be used in either grid-connected or islanded modes of operation. The proposed approach employs a backcasting algorithm to estimate the net stored energy value, against which the current cost of energy is compared to determine how the storage system should be used to perform arbitrage. The contribution of this work is a means to include the time-dependent resource in traditional economic dispatch algorithms to reduce the cost of energy in a microgrid while enabling the arbitrage algorithm to continuously adapt to changing market conditions. Results show that the backcasting algorithm is able to reduce the average cost of energy by 8.14% and can reduce the average cost of energy by up to 72.3% of the ideal reduction, as determined by a perfect forecasting dispatch

Last updated on 11/09/2016