Dr. Turcotte (you can call him Benoit, or BT) is a river engineer specialized in ice processes and cold regions hydrology with a solid background in fluvial morphology. After completing a Civil Engineering Degree at Polytechnique Montréal (2004), a MASc in Hydrotechnical Engineering at UBC (2008), and a PhD in Water Engineering at Université Laval (2013), Benoit worked as a research engineer in Quebec and as a public servant for the Government of Yukon.

Beyond Benoit’s passion for developing and sharing knowledge about dynamic ice processes and flowing water, his goal is to play an active role in building a sustainable, inclusive society in the evolving North. Informed by engagement with First Nation, governments and the private sector, Benoit is developing a research portfolio that includes improving methods of forecasting and mitigating floods, testing new approaches to quantify winter streamflow, creating models and protocols for sustainable winter hydroelectric production, and designing climate-resilient hydraulic structures.

Benoit’s philosophy is to observe, listen, work with Nature, and deliver results that are environmentally respectful, and tailored to the needs of end users. While continuing his work at understanding the winter dynamics of various watersheds in Eastern Canada in partnership with Université Laval, Benoit’s objective as a Yukon hydrology expert and member of the YukonU Research Center is to identify practical northern hydrology research opportunities, to find simple solutions to complex problems as they relate to small streams or large rivers, and to work collaboratively on projects that help us all move forward, together.