I am Manager of Climate Change Research, the part of YukonU Research Centre that focuses on applied study of climate change impacts and adaptation.  I grew up in Whitehorse and spent a year as a student at Yukon College before transferring to University of Calgary to complete my studies. In Calgary, I completed a Bachelor of Science in Earth Science and a Master’s of Science in Geography focusing in glaciology and climatology.  Following completion of my studies, I accepted a position as a Policy Analyst with Natural Resources Canada in Ottawa, and later worked as a Research Associate for the Centre for Earth Observation Science at University of Manitoba.  My research in Manitoba focused on applying statistical methods to find connections between polar and mid-latitude climates.  As my professional life has evolved, I have found that my personal strengths are in mobilizing research findings in decision-making and enabling others to pursue research excellence in their careers.  One of the greatest rewards in my work is learning that research that I helped support has had an impact or solved a problem that one of our First Nation, industry, or government partners couldn’t solve on their own.