Dr. Bronwyn Hancock is the Vice-Provost, Academic & Research for Yukon University. She leads the research portfolio at Yukon University, Canada’s first university north of sixty, where growth in research leadership across the university is an integral part of the university’s strategic plan. Dr. Hancock is passionate about ensuring that Yukon University is a place where co-created research serves to advance reconciliation in Canada’s North, and where northern students are empowered to ask and explore questions of their own using multiple forms of knowledge. Dr. Hancock also prioritizes building awareness of, and opportunities to escalate, the capacity that exists in northern Canada to determine research priorities and conduct excellent research. This includes serving on committees, advisory groups and panels that support the research funding ecosystem; research execution, evaluation and promotion; and the integration of research results in policy decisions and responsive actions.

Dr. Hancock has served as a member of Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Expert Panel on Adaptation and Resilience Results and the Council of Canadian Academies’ Expert Panel on Expert Panel on Prioritizing Climate Change Risks. She is currently serving as a panelist on the CCA’s Expert Panel on the future of Arctic and Northern research in Canada.

Dr. Hanocck holds a PhD in Earth and Environmental Sciences from the University of Waterloo.