Climate change knowledge and policy

Climate Resilience Knowledge to Action (current project)
This project focuses on making climate change knowledge accessible and useful to policymakers by conducting research, developing tools, and delivering training to support links between climate change knowledge and policy, planning and decision-making processes.

Understanding Inuit community uses and needs for weather, water, ice and climate information and services

Economic implications of climate change adaptations for mine access roads in northern Canada
A multi-disciplinary team developed a cost-benefit analysis for adaptation options for a major northern mine access road.

Costing adaptation for community housing

Climate change course for Government of Nunavut decision-makers

Emergency planning, response, and governance

Win-Win climate change adaptation: Creating a natural fire break north of Teslin (current project)
Teslin Tlingit Council, Yukon University, and the Government of Yukon are working together to understand how to quickly transform the forest north of Teslin to less flammable plant species to mitigate wildfire risk to the community while making timber accessible for woodcutters and meeting community preferences for plants of interest to be grown in the area.

Lessons learned from flooding in the Southern Lakes region (current project)

Interjurisdictional dynamics amongst Yukon First Nations and non-Indigenous governments during the COVID-19 pandemic
The goal of this project was to understand the experiences of Yukon First Nation governments and to explore how different governments worked together throughout the pandemic. 

Northern science and research policy

Examining research policy and practice in Canada’s North to support evidence-based decision-making (current project)

Making research work for Nunavummiut: Rethinking community consultation and engagement to enhance Inuit self-determination in research

Research trends in Nunavut

Changing landscapes and northern ways of life

Elder’s stories of Jean Marie River First Nation: Using Traditional Knowledge to better understand the changes in the boreal caribou habit

Enhancing the resilience of the mining and transportation sectors to changes in permafrost and snow