Welcome to Tara Stehelin's Biology page!

I conduct research on impacts of climate change and land uses on distribution (both present and future projections) and behavior of birds and their important insect food in the north. YukonU students can get involved in this research in several different ways - lab, statistical and/or field work. I am also very interested in other aspects of behavior, such as sexual selection and communication in birds.

Yukon College offers all first **and now** second-year university transferable biology courses towards a Bachelor Degree in Biology. We also offer two-year diplomas, such as in Renewable Resources Management, with courses in specialized areas such as land use planning, environmental impact assessment and winter travel and survival, all relevant and important topics in northern regions.  Students can also transfer into the Bachelor of Northern Environmental and Conservation Sciences degree program (offered jointly between the University of Alberta and Yukon University) for their 3rd and 4th year following these diplomas.