Dean's Update - June 2020

Hi Applied Arts,

Technically, a Dean’s Blog posting is scheduled until this coming Friday, but there are a few items that I need to bring to everyone’s attention sooner rather than later.

New student advising process

Fall 2020 might still seem a long time from now, but the University will be rolling out a new approach to advising in order to help us compete with other institutions that have well-established online learning programs. Erica Bourdon, Janna van Kessel, and Wally Rude have been organizing a more structured approach to first points of...

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Dean's Update - May 2020

Hi Applied Arts,

I hope you all had a restful May long weekend. It has been a frantic two months since we learned we’d be off campus and trying to find ways to work from home. Thank you everyone for the incredible effort and dedication you have put into this time of transition, particularly when it comes to taking care of our students.

And what a transition! I know it didn’t happen in the way any of us imagined, but we are now Yukon University. I’m still catching myself referring to us as “the College” and our Senate as “Academic Council,” along with a few other...

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Dean's Update - April 2020 (addendum)

Northern Review - 50 Issues

I forgot a huge milestone for research and scholarship in the North in my initial blog posting for April: the Northern Review published its 50th issue this month. Congratulations to Deanna McLeod, Amanda Graham, and everyone else involved with the journal!

Dean's Update - April 2020

Hi Applied Arts,

I don’t know if you’re all feeling the same way, but early March feels about a thousand years ago. I kind of hope that attending to work commitments in between kids’ snack breaks and story times never begins to feel completely normal, but I feel myself growing accustomed to the chaos.

We’re now a full month into contingency planning in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and I want take the opportunity to thank everyone across Applied Arts for the incredible effort you’ve put into supporting our students through to the end of the winter term.

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Dean's Update - March 2020

Hi Applied Arts,

I can’t think of a better time to get back to sending out monthly (or perhaps even more frequent) Dean’s Updates than now. My last update was a year ago. Yikes!

In present circumstances, I will not use Dean’s Updates to relay offical Yukon College COVID-19 response items—the College’s daily bulletins will provide the most accurate information, so please keep reading them.

This space is better used to highlight as much of the good work and creative thinking you folks are doing during this challenging set of circumstances as well...

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Dean's Update - April 2019

Happy long weekend everyone! I hope all of you get a chance to relax and play this weekend. As the winter term comes to an end, I want to thank all of you for your unfailing commitment to our students. This has been an exciting and challenging year: the launch of the Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Governance degree; the communities Early Learning and Child Care project; planning for an additional intake in Practical Nurse; discussions of realigning academic supports for students; follow-up on the Health Care Assistant program review;...

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Dean's Update - February 2019

Hi Applied Arts,

This update has been a long-time coming. I have no excuse. It’s the result of chronic, debilitating procrastination. Let’s see if we can’t get this blog back on track!

Faculty Attendance at Convocation

If you haven’t already, please consider attending Convocation on May 23, 2019 to support our graduates as they cross the stage...

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Dean's Update - October 2018

Hi Applied Arts,

Hard to believe the end of October and, with it, Hallowe’en are already upon us. For those who haven’t seen the posters, the Hallowe’en theme at the College this year is Heroes and Villains. Participation isn't mandatory, but last year’s Harry Potter theme was a hoot, so don’t shy away from dressing up as your favourite superhero or supervillain if the mood takes you. I know folks in Academic and Skill Development have something special in the works--can't wait to see what they come up with. If you’re keen to work all day in a costume but are out of ideas,...

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Dean's Update - June 2018

Hi Applied Arts,

I was doing so well for a while there sending out blog postings monthly, then went completely off the rails in March, April and May. Sigh. It’s been a very busy time in Applied Arts, but I’ll endeavor to get back on schedule. Here are few reminders and news items from the across the Division and the College:

Out-of-Office Messages & Leave Reports

For faculty and staff heading out, or already out, on leave, please remember to set up out-of-office messages on your phone and email. The message must include details about the length of...

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