Dean's Blog - September 2021

Happy Friday Applied Arts,

First off, I want to wish all of you a belated welcome back for the 2021-22 academic year—and add a special welcome to folks new to the Faculty of Applied Arts. It has been a very long time since I last did a blog post. I will re-commit myself to sending these out monthly (I know, I’ve said that before!).

I hope everyone managed to find some time over the spring and summer to step away from the University and relax, recreate, and rejuvenate. Alyson, the kiddos, and I really wanted to be out East with family, but COVID again held us to...

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Dean's Update - January 2021

Hi Applied Arts,


As January closes, I wanted to update you a number of things. It’s a long list, so I hope you’re seated comfortably.  


We’re a Faculty Now!

It’s official—we are now the Faculty of Applied Arts. The Board of Governors approved our interim proposal for the formation of faculties at its December meeting. I am now looking for 1-2 faculty...

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Dean's Update - November 2020

Hi Applied Arts,


The fall term is drawing to a close—it will certainly live long in the memory. Here are few updates and reminders before November disappears.


2021-22 Budget Development

Our first experiment with zero-base budgeting was bumpy—really bumpy. I need to give a huge shout out to Carolyn Kauth, who somehow persevered through the spreadsheets, swirling numbers, and minute details. The budget...

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Dean's Update - October 2020

Hi Applied Arts,


I feel like this year we all need a huge congratulations for just making it to midterm.


Before getting to some updates, I want to acknowledge that this has been a particularly painful month for the YukonU community as we mourn the loss of one of our students, on top of continuing to cope with the isolation brought on by the pandemic. Please keep in mind that...

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Dean's Update - September 2020

Hi Applied Arts,

Well this has been an interesting week, hasn’t it. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns, or just thoughts to share, in response to the unexpected departure of Mike DeGagne. While his resignation is a setback for the organization, we need to stay focused on our main priority—the students who have chosen to study with us despite all the challenges posed by COVID-19.

Winter 2021

It feels like we’re only just out of the gate with the fall 2020 term, but we need to start looking to winter 2021. Discussions...

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Dean's Update - late August 2020

Hi Applied Arts,

With the COVID-impacted fall term about to start up, I thought it best to send out another blog posting with a few recent updates.

It’s likely the next few weeks will be chaotic. We’ll need to stay focused on looking after ourselves, supporting one another, and supporting our students. Your adaptability and resourcefulness are amazing!

Student consent to being recorded on Zoom

Ernie and I, in consultation with Teaching and Learning and Janet Welch, have been trying to come up with default language alerting students to...

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Dean's Update - August 2020

Hi Applied Arts,

I’ve been seeing a few faculty members returning from vacation, so it’s seems the right time to get back to monthly blogging. I hope that, despite all the restrictions in place because of COVID-19 and the cool, wet summer we’ve had, you managed to find time away to relax and have some fun. I managed three weeks of weekend warrior camping with the kiddos—not quite the Maritimes beach vacation we had planned, but we created a lot of great memories regardless.

As there have been a number of announcements this summer, I will refrain from duplicating any...

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Dean's Update - June 2020

Hi Applied Arts,

Technically, a Dean’s Blog posting is scheduled until this coming Friday, but there are a few items that I need to bring to everyone’s attention sooner rather than later.

New student advising process

Fall 2020 might still seem a long time from now, but the University will be rolling out a new approach to advising in order to help us compete with other institutions that have well-established online learning programs. Erica Bourdon, Janna van Kessel, and Wally Rude have been organizing a more structured approach to first points of...

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Dean's Update - May 2020

Hi Applied Arts,

I hope you all had a restful May long weekend. It has been a frantic two months since we learned we’d be off campus and trying to find ways to work from home. Thank you everyone for the incredible effort and dedication you have put into this time of transition, particularly when it comes to taking care of our students.

And what a transition! I know it didn’t happen in the way any of us imagined, but we are now Yukon University. I’m still catching myself referring to us as “the College” and our Senate as “Academic Council,” along with a few other...

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Dean's Update - April 2020 (addendum)

Northern Review - 50 Issues

I forgot a huge milestone for research and scholarship in the North in my initial blog posting for April: the Northern Review published its 50th issue this month. Congratulations to Deanna McLeod, Amanda Graham, and everyone else involved with the journal!