Citation:Barnes, Karen, and Amanda Graham. Yukon College Editorial—Poised for the Next Step: University, no. 40 (2015): 3-8.
Date Published:2015

The Northern Review has a tradition of documenting and commenting on developments in the North, in the Yukon, and in Yukon College more specifically. For fifty-two years Yukon College has been a fixture of Yukon society, first as a vocational school and then as a community. Now poised to become the first university north of the sixtieth parallel, the Review commissioned a short retrospective as background to a summary of where the college is today. The authors reflect on the profound changes the Yukon and its college have witnessed. Various contemporary indicators show a clear demand for university-level and career programs delivered in the North, particularly for those programs that respond to the economic and social needs of northern communities. From this base, the college is, indeed, poised for the next big step: university.

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