Citation:In the North, For the North, By the North: The Extraordinary Vision of Aron Senkpiel for the Betterment of the North Through Education. The Northern Review, no. 27 (2007): 110-123.

In February 2002, Yukon College lost a visionary founder. Aron Senkpiel had joined the new college in 1983 and devoted almost twenty years of his professional life to developing university-level programs at the college, to brokering professional degrees for delivery in the Yukon, and to laying the groundwork for the college’s future evolution to granting its own degrees. Giving Yukoners an option to stay without compromise was his goal. The paper is a Festschrift contribution, a documentation and a celebration of Senkpiel’s important work. It is the contribution of a former student and later a colleague who has been most fortunate to have worked with him and has been able to contribute in some small way to this important work.

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