Citation:Coates, Ken, and Amanda Graham. 3.1 Yukon. In State of Rural Canada Report, edited by Breen Markey, Gibson Lauzon, and Mealy Ryser, 79-84. n.p. Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation / Fondation canadienne pour la revitalisation rurale, 2015.

This is the Yukon chapter of the State of Rural Canada report, which came about in order to draw attention to rural challenges and opportunities, and to provide a source of information and a platform for information sharing. The chapters of the report focus on the rural trends within each province and territory, ending with a summary discussion chapter that provides a series of recommendations for advancing rural development in Canada. The authors who volunteered were asked to share their provincial or territorial perspectives on core themes affecting rural Canada. Given limited space the chapters do not cover everything and do, in fact, contain conflicting opinions and perspectives, illustrating the breadth and depth of rural Canada. No report is capable of capturing every dimension and issue within rural Canada, however Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation hopes the report provides important context and nuance to our collective understanding of rural Canada, and that it serves to stimulate discussion and debate.

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