Spencer Sumanik was born and raised in the Yukon. Throughout his childhood Spencer was encouraged to explore. From taking apart radios to see what's inside to asking questions and approaching the answer through logical processes. Taking this experience to university he attended University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus for Mechanical Engineering. Through his undergraduate career Spencer researched the anaerobic digestion of spent brewers grains for the purpose of value added product. After achieving an Bachelors of Applied Science, Spencer went on to pursue a Master's of Applied Science in Aerospace Engineering. Spencer defended his thesis in December of 2017 on the subject of plasma actuated sounding rocket roll control. Since successfully defending his thesis Spencer has worked at the Yukon Research Centre researching the implementation of renewable energy in remote isolated power grids. Furthermore, Spencer is the Principle Investigator for the Yukon College CubeSat project. He leads a team of students and volunteers to design and build a 2U cubeSat for launch in 2020.