About Me

 After 7 years at the University of Winnipeg, juggling the combined demands of teaching and research, I moved to Whitehorse in 2011 to become an instructor in the School of Science at Yukon College. It was a great opportunity to focus my energy on what really mattered - the students.

While I no longer have an active research program, I still get to experience the thrill of discovery as I create labs for my courses and continue to find ways to bring local issues and materials into the lab.  Occasionally I am able to lend a chemical hand to other local researchers.  Whether it involves me actually doing chemistry or just providing some chemical knowledge, it's a fun opportunity to learn something new. 

Having grown up in Northwestern Ontario I have a strong appreciation for the wilderness which I am now able to indulge when classes are over.  Being this close to so many great choices for camping and hiking is just icing on the cake, and I like cake!