Dr. Hancock is the Associate Vice-President Research Development for Yukon University. She is responsible for the planning, development, and implementation of research at YukonU, and for the development of positive relationships with the broader research community in support of northern research. In addition, she oversees research activities at the YukonU Research Centre, which includes expertise in climate change, northern energy innovation, mine life cycles, social sciences, and biodiversity monitoring.

Prior to this position, Dr. Hancock served as Manager of the Northern Climate ExChange, the former climate change research group at the YukonU Research Centre. She oversaw a team that studies the impacts and adaptation opportunities associated with climate change in Yukon and northern Canada. Dr. Hancock holds a doctorate in earth sciences from the University of Waterloo. Dr. Hancock recently served as a member of Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Expert Panel on Adaptation and Resilience Results, and is currently serving as an Expert Panel member for the Council of Canadian Academies, on a report that focuses on prioritizing climate change risks.

Dr. Hancock is an adjunct professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Alberta, and in the Environmental Sustainability Research Centre at Brock University.