April 2020

Dean's Update - April 2020 (addendum)

Northern Review - 50 Issues

I forgot a huge milestone for research and scholarship in the North in my initial blog posting for April: the Northern Review published its 50th issue this month. Congratulations to Deanna McLeod, Amanda Graham, and everyone else involved with the journal!

Dean's Update - April 2020

Hi Applied Arts,

I don’t know if you’re all feeling the same way, but early March feels about a thousand years ago. I kind of hope that attending to work commitments in between kids’ snack breaks and story times never begins to feel completely normal, but I feel myself growing accustomed to the chaos.

We’re now a full month into contingency planning in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and I want take the opportunity to thank everyone across Applied Arts for the incredible effort you’ve put into supporting our students through to the end of the winter term.

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